Childrens’ Play Area at Par Beach

Some will recall that the equipment at the childrens’ play area at Par Beach was removed some years ago because it was judged to be unsafe, and Cornwall Council did not have sufficient funds to replace it.

Since then, we have been working hard to find a solution.   And I am delighted that ownership of the land in question has now formally been transferred from Cornwall Council to Tywardreath and Par Parish Council.   This means that the land is back in local ownership!

My colleagues and I are now busy working with local community groups to see what can be done to acquire and install some new play equipment.

It would be wonderful to see the play area back in use in the Spring, wouldn’t it?

PS: I know that many will feel that it has taken an age to get this far – and they would be right.   It is frustrating that things take so long!   But limited resources and an enormous shopping list (Cornwall Council are busy dealing with requests for the devolution of literally hundred of buildings and pieces of land) means that delays are inevitable.   So please let us focus on the positive: this bit of what we want is now within our own hands!



  1. Lee Pogson · October 21, 2015

    Excellent news, congratulations and well done to all concerned

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  2. Peter Wright · October 21, 2015

    Bad move in my view, Cornwall Council have unloaded a financial burden they know full well will take months if not years to come to any fruition. The Parish Council has limited funds compared to Cornwall Council, CC can’t even get the Parish Council name correct. lately they refer to it as Par & Tywardreath Parish Council. just shows how much interest they actually have in Parish Council which correctly is Named “Tywardreath and Par Parish Council”

    Right back to the Skate Park that’s been ongoing for years anything children related
    takes forever within the Parish Council, ( Dreckly ) applies to anything involving Tywardreath and Par Parish Council.
    They have no interest whatsoever regards Parks or any amenities for children of all ages,

    So the “Children’s Play Area at Par Beach” Is yet another piece of Play area to join others like Poldrea Park losing its swings early in 2013, (yet money is wasted daily sending a Council worker to kick the remaining frame to see if it moves) . And the much earlier closure of Trevance Park too, That’s become an eyesore now,big fence across it and full of brambles etc.

    The Parish Council needs some new blood I do believe they are mostly over 65 years of age stuck in their ways,preventing change and progress. The Parish needs change so many different committees/groups that could all be Combined, each project competing against each other such a waste of resources and time.
    Par Bay Big Local has actioned and done so much more for the area than the Parish Council. The Parish Council needs to get its act together It needs to pressure the devolution process, so many excuses delays in Cornwall Council ( another “Dreckly” run committee structure swamped in red tape, devouring funds and resources ) Parish Council needs to prioritise. It needs first to create a New Neighbourhood Plan not just pick and choose assets they wish to take over from Cornwall Council. It also needs to include more than the Par beach ideas/projects and it needs to consider the needs of younger people families and children’s needs. Tywardreath & Par Parish is so much more than a quiet retirement Parish for the over 50’s worried about who or what’s making noise, or which Dog Owner allows its Dog to Foul the Footpath.


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